Ferenc Muck aka “Mucky”




Born in 1956


Member of the band since 2011


He has been playing an important role in the Hungarian music scene since 1982. Bluesberry invited him as special guest for a gig, then Papi asked him if he knew a good saxophone player for the band. Mucky told him to our surprise immediately that he would join the band if we want. Of course we wanted it!


Member of the Rock Theater until 1989. He took part on several international jazz festivals with bassist Aladár Pege from 1982 until 1984, then between 1986-1989. He also took part on several international jazz festivals as solo player, e.g. in Strassbourg, Helsinki, Tallin… 

1990: Emerton prize: the Jazz Solo Player of the year, 

1992: Emerton prize with Besenyő Blues Band: they became the Jazz Band of the Year 

1993: winner of a music festival with his own band, the Besenyő Blues Band, music recordings abroad, 

1999: ’Golden giraffe’ prize with the band Djabe, 


Other bands: 

He has been playing on hundreds of LPs and concerts with almost all of the most famous Hungarian musicians in the pop and jazz scene:  Locomotiv GT, Hungária, Pege Aladár, Omega, Metro, Edda, Tátrai Tibor, Tomsits Rudolf, Orszáczky Jackie, Bródy János, Deák Big Band, R-Go, Step, Komár László, Katona Klári, Zalatnay Sarolta,  Bódy Magdi, Peter Lipa, Berki Tamás, Demjén Ferenc,  Török Ádám, Hamari Júlia, HOBO, Cseh Tamás, East, Ferenczi György, Varga Miklós, Tea, Delhusa Gjon, Szűcs Judit, 100 Folk Celsius, Prognózis, Color, Bodrogi Gyula – Voith Ági, ZiZi Labor, Sziámi, Mystery Gang, Adamis Anna, Apostol, Zámbó Jimmy, Első Emelet, Tankcsapda, Djabe, Besenyő Blues Band, RABB, Muckshow, Muck-Trió, Groupensax, The BLUESBERRY Band…